“Ka-Ching” is the sound that will welcome you to your new job. This is an exciting time for most, it most likely means a promotion or that your search for a new job is over. What can you expect from your new job? The first thing you need to know about a cashier job is that it is actually considered a stepping stone to in most companies. A cashier will most likely be considered for a promotion before anyone else, depending on their dependability and ability to handle issues, and take control. Taking this job serious will ensure this opportunity.

The duties of a cashier range from ringing up a customer to exchanging an item if a customer is unhappy with their purchase. The duties may change a little depending where you are working, but there are some duties that are universal. One of those universal duties is, of course, assisting in the checkout process of a customer. You will make sure that every item they are buying is scanned and processed correctly.

Remember you represent the company, so a smile is not only your duty, but it is wanted by your employer. It is even expected from the customers. After you have processed the customers purchase you must be able to process their payment. You must be able to process the various types of payments available today, such as credit or debit cards or travelers checks. Understanding these differences of payments will save everyone a lot more time during the checkout process.

Another thing that is quite important is to always give the customer their receipt, and ask if there is anything else you can help them with. A mindful, and courteous parting remark is always welcomed, and will put you in a positive light. Lets face it, times have changed and no one does business without some form of a cash register. Understanding, studying, and truly becoming efficient on the cash register is elemental when it comes to performing your duties as a cashier.

Refunds are also your department. Handling customers who are unhappy may be part of your job description as well. A study shows that most aggravation occurs at the cash register, so you must be aware that this occurrence is possible. You must know how to handle a customer with calmness, and ensure the customer that the issue will be resolved.

As a cashier you will also be taking on the job of dispensing the ‘good stuff’ behind the register. This could mean any number of things depending where you are employed of course. If you are employed at a supermarket, you are now responsible for selling cigarettes, which are kept inside a secured compartment. You are responsible for selling hard liquors, which are also kept inside a secured compartment. If you are in a hardware store, you might be responsible for selling extremely hazardous or dangerous merchandise. This could be knives or other products that cannot be left out on the floor where the general public may have access to them.

Making sure that the change you give out is correct is a given. You are responsible for what is lost in your cash register. Companies monitor this very closely, so be sure to be efficient without sacrificing your accuracy. You must be comfortable dealing with large sums of money. Do not fret most of the calculations are done for you through the cash register, but your level of comfort ensures accuracy at the register.

Once again, you are the face the company. Your cash register will be looked at by every single customer so make sure that it is clean at all times. There are some cashiers who must print out, or compile the amount of money they handled on any given day so that accuracy can be evaluated. Usually this is something that your employers will take care of themselves, but some cashiers have had to do this themselves. Offering gift cards, or membership cards to customers when they make their final purchase may be part of your duties.  It is easy to see why being a cashier is a stepping stone towards a higher position. You do have various responsibilities, but your success will also be impressive to you and your employers.

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